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A Year in the Life of C. Warrington
or The Year In Review: One Snark At A Time
Recent Entries 
Tuesday 15th January 2008 08:11 pm - v13.0
C. Warrington Overlord of 10000 Minions
Well I can't go getting manicures and pedicures now without raising a few eyebrows. Nor can I wear skirts anymore. I don't think there'll be any kilt-wearing either, given that a) I'm not Scottish and b) I doubt McGonagall would appreciate my taking an interest in traditional Scottish clothing.

Hols were good.

The Weird Sisters concert was tolerable at best.

Ange's party was great. Fun even. Glad you didn't end up having to strip me naked though, Ange.

And I've finished my DADA assignment already. It consists of the words 'Run Away' written with copying charms so that it repeats to fill up three scrolls. Figure it's as good as any other expected answer, from the guidelines. Susannah seems a bit less than amused at my ingenious solution, however. But then again, she's a bit more interested in the subject than I am.

Public Service Announcement

Girls, Oakby's expulsion has been overruled three guesses who made THAT decision and the first two don't count. Remember that hexing and punching and the like are against the school rules and you will be docked points for it. If, y'know, there are witnesses unwilling to lie for you.
Thursday 20th December 2007 10:46 pm - v12.0
*snickers* // ahahahaha
Things I like:


Threatening to claw Monique's eyes out with newly manicured nails and not feeling guilty about it because I am no longer bigger and stronger than her.

My awesome legs.

Skirts really ARE easier to move around in.

Things I dislike:

Being ogled by Josiah Haughton.

Being short.

Having the strangest urge to talk to other girls about people's love lives.


Things I am grateful for:

I may be even prettier than before, but the change has not seemed to change my ability to take out Croyle for being obnoxious and perverted.
Saturday 8th December 2007 07:45 pm - v11.0
not listening to you // grump
Aww, Chang, the armour loves you, really. Small cute females armed with frippery remind it of its youth, when ladies tied ribbons around its arms as a token of love and luck before sending it into battle! Stop complaining about it before Davies starts getting overprotective and glares (again). That one needs to have a less sizable harem of female friends, really. It's off-putting when the girl I may be interested in is under the Big Brother wing of one of my saner Prefects.


I told you so, JD.
Thursday 29th November 2007 06:36 pm - v10.0
Hell no!
Monique Travers, I would sooner snog TRELAWNEY than you. Because our favourite nutcase Professor at least appreciates my wit rather than my bank vault. So STOP TRYING TO GET ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE.

To the suicidal git who propositioned my second lieutenant, my partner in crime, one of my saner female housemates AND MY COUSIN, consider yourself doomed to a living hell on earth the moment you get out of the hospital wing again.

Oh. And congratulations, Ravenclaw.
Saturday 10th November 2007 09:09 pm - v9.0
Hell no!
Saturday 3rd November 2007 04:52 pm - v8.0
C. Warrington Overlord of 10000 Minions
That Demelza Robins is just... well ridiculous is too strong a word. But honestly, me and JD dating? The fact is neither of us feel that way about the other, to my knowledge that is, and I think we're better off as friends.

That snog that happened was a one time thing and definitely doesn't mean a thing. At all. Right?

Well, that was a whole lot of fun...

Any further comment I make either way in regards to Weasley's performance, Malfoy's antics, or the post-game confrontation will just get people pissed off at me.

Okay. Weasley the younger, seriously, stop flinching every time the Quaffle comes within ten feet of you. Malfoy's song was kind of funny in a totally immature toddler way. Seriously though, everyone's had five years to get used to the little ferret, so why's everyone so shocked now? As for what happened afterwards-- Johnson, I'm sorry. It really sucks to be you. But by now everyone should also know better than to start shit around Umbridge.
Tuesday 23rd October 2007 06:48 pm - v7.0
C. Warrington Overlord of 10000 Minions
Sarah and Ella were very impressed and amused, which is all for the good. Myrtle was even more impressed, which is all not so much for the good.

Susannah showed up in a bikini. Which is VERY BAD.

She smacked me when I pointed this out. Which was even worse.

Worst of all, however? I had the horrid, traumatising experience of seeing Monique Travers in a bikini.

I need a hug.

Oh. And Susie? "The Idiot's Guide To Company Manners" for a birthday present? You're losing your touch.

Also got a bottle of Firewhiskey from Adrian that he didn't actually need to hand over.
Thursday 11th October 2007 04:40 pm - v6.0
C. Warrington Overlord of 10000 Minions
Well. When it rains, it pours. It seems as though my favourite and most esteemed batshit insane professor is on the verge of getting sacked, compliments of Madame The Pink Lady. The small chirpy Gryffindor who follows me around asking questions was devastated at the news.

All right. So she IS kind of full of cooking sherry and nonsense. But it's still kind of worrying.
Sunday 7th October 2007 04:41 pm - v5.0
C. Warrington Overlord of 10000 Minions
Who is that overly flirtatious blond git now working at the Three Broomsticks who was HOVERING over my cousin's table STARING at her like he's never seen a pretty girl before?! Does anyone know?

Aside from that, Hogsmeade was all right. Overheard angry mutterings from Potter's sidekick regarding his little sister and Corner of Ravenclaw. Ah, Corner, methinks you could do better. That one seems like a spiteful wench.

So, Montague, how was lunch with the most reasonable and non-belligerent of our Gryffindor rivals friends?
Friday 5th October 2007 08:58 pm - v4.0
C. Warrington Overlord of 10000 Minions
I've given up trying to convince Brat that it is, indeed, NOT possible to buy out the entire stock of Drooble's at Honeydukes and bring it back to her. Not that I really fancy knowing what she would do with that amount of chewing gum in the first place.

Thus far the plans for Hogsmeade weekend include, but are not limited to-- buying sweets for brat, keeping Susie away from the slew of grabby males, avoiding Monique Travers, and unfortunately, the purchase of more school supplies. Twelve-feet essays for Arithmancy, how I hate thee.

Oh yes. And drinks. Somewhere Monique-free.
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